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Default Re: When will people realize Wlad was not in his prime when he lost 3 times?

The points are:
1-wlad wasn't in the CHIN prime when all of his losses happened

2-Against Ross Puritty he totally gassed out in 8 rounds, shooting all that he got to obtain an impressive ko; unfortunately Ross Puritty had a monster chin, and also bomb fists; still, Wlad wasn't koed, to the contrary, he seemed totally indifferent to the bombs landing on his head, and finished on his foots; but his corner threw in the towel; Wlado was really disappointed for that stopping with his corner; and was really young and naive;

3- Corrie Sanders: he was probably the most dangerous southpaw ever lived, it has been a mistake to fight him with so little experience; mostly, corrie used (not volountarily) his head as an anvil, with Wlado's head between his head and his hook, two times consequently; there are slow motion videos that shows that; Wlado didn't recover by that unusual strikes, but mostly his cornermans were totally unprofessional, they didn't know what he had to do to avoid or limit more damage, they didn't tell him nothing; still, even if floored 4 times, he was still on his foots when the referee (correctly) stopped the fight; he wasn't knokked out;

4-Out of the 3 losses, Lamont Brewster is the one that when mentioned clearly shows ignorance or biased options: Waldo has been poisoned, he seemed tired even before the start happened, he wasn't there with the head; He never had the full strenght, he was gassed out already at the start of the fight; Emmanuel Steward (whose words peoples don't listen, but they consider him the greatest, wtf?) said that he can recognize well the signs of punch stunnings, and that Waldo didn't have these signs; additionally, blood tests after the fight showed crazy sugar levels in the blood; other tests couldn't be made because the blood sample HAVE BEEN DESTROYED; it's true, it's all written; Waldo was poisoned in that fight, so to bring it as an example is utterly irrelevant and biased; and after that, go watch the Lamont Brewster 2 fight, the rematch: Wladimir must be Lamont's worst nightmare.
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