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Default Re: My 50 Greatest boxers of all time

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
Actually, hideous list. Cervantes is in there?

Some guys have got too much if you know they're ludicrously placed.
Jheez! You must be clinically depressed or something, only looking for reasons to poke holes out of everything. You'd be great fun at a party!

It's my personal top 50, but I've also been inclined to include people who I don't really know much of but is usually seen in great regard out of respect for their achievements.
So yeah, Cervantes has my pick, but I also acknowledged that I'm a big fan, it doesn't mean I'm completely sure. Let's not forget what Cervantes has done also. He has great wins over Nicolino Locche, Esteban De Jesus, Alfonso Frazer and Saoul Mamby, Rodolfo Gonzalez, as well as numerous other title defenses. Aaron Pryor beat Cervantes based on his speed. Cervantes was not in his prime anymore. 9 of his 12 losses were in the first portion of his career against bums and of course he avenged his loss against Locche. I think Kid Pambele is underrated. It's quite something to go from living in the slums, being a bum level fighter to a world class fighter who defended his title multiple times.

The comments I made over some i.e mayweather, de la hoya is to address people who would probably question the new-timers as they're always the ones under scrutiny. There's always a Bert Sugar like person mentally masturbating about old timers.

I disagree that this is a hideous list. For it to be 'hideous', I would have had to make MANY errors. I don't believe I have made what would be considered as 'many errors'. Maybe 'change your word to describe this' lol 'Dominant' comes to mind.
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