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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by Stonehands89 View Post
--You got me on that contradictory notion. That's a good point. I would say that the recognized body is recognized so long as it is reasonable. Now that of course, carries a risk of being arbitrary. But there are other examples I could offer where The Ring (pre-Collins) failed to recognized the result of a 1 vs. 2 and instead recognized someone else and so were corrected.

The rise of the racketeers demand that we tighten up the criteria in the face of their chaos. And I fail to understand how or why some accept a fighter avoiding the #2 and still earning recognition.

But to heck with what I think about Wlad. Try this guy!

--What a bold font of wisdom he is!

Good article.

I agree entirely with what you are saying about The Ring's decisions, held up to the standards they themselves professed. They copped-out.

But my own view, is that I now recognize Wladimir as the real champion, not through any particular single result or any belt he might hold, but by the fact that he has dominated for so long.
On the other hand, perhaps I under-rate his brother and closest rival.
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