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Default Re: Flintoff looking Slim!!!

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
Lads, think about this logically. This ISN'T a serious career move, this is just for a ****py reality programme he's doing for Sky1. If he was serious about being a boxer then he'd have some amateur bouts and learn properly like other fighters do. That I'd respect him for.

No, NOT everyone can do it. That's what makes it so respectable. All this **** about it inspiring people is nonsense. All it's doing is making the sport look ridiculous because people will think that it's **** easy to do.

I'm not an "elitist" by any means. I just a fan like all of you. I just don't like it when I feel the sport I enjoy is being made to look like a joke.

Boxing doesn't need the type of "exposure" that he's supposedly going to bring to it. It's doing fine enough already and we've got some cracking heavyweights with a lot of potential. British Boxing doesn't some Z-list celebrity to get in the ring and embarrass himself all for some cheap publicity.
They say theres no such thing as bad publicity
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