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Default Re: My 50 Greatest boxers of all time

Originally Posted by anj View Post
Scrutiny is fine. But there's a difference between the way you scrutinise and the way the others scrutinise. Go and read for yourself. Your scrutiny comes with oestrogen fuelled negativity lol
Yeah, well your line of reasoning isn't really that accepted, and it is expected that if you are vouching for something you have your big guns ready in case you're pulled up on it. No room for 'one of my favourites' or 'I'm not sure but....' Try the General forum out, might find them a little less cynical over there

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Man, anyone who has him at #12 doesn't know their ass from their elbow.

Top 5, top 10 at worst.
I have him at no.11. And I'm not taking the **** and I'd hope that you think I know my ass from my elbow
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