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Default Re: WBO 'october' rankings - Hawk appears

i tweeted this on 5th november

"guy [hawk] lost to an 8-0 colombian last fight. the colombian is wbo ranked 15. so much for opponent needing to be ranked"

and this on same day

"WBO - "next opponent MUST be ranked top 15" - unless he just been beaten by #15. then he ok? #farce #cleverly #hawk"

the only 3 possible explanations i can think of are

a) i misread the rankings and alvarez was actually 14 and hawk was 15 and i just didnt see hawk's name there
b) i was reading the september rankings and the october rankings werent available on the wbo website as at 5th november
c) the october rankings have been retrospectively updated (because they say they are as at 15th october)

now i havent defamed anyone here or made any unfounded accusations. i'm just pointing out what appears to me, based on what i saw and what i wrote in response at the time, to be an anomaly.

just making y'all aware!
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