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Default Re: We don't need no more trouble or war on the ESB British Boxing Forum.

I see that the **** bandito crew are out in force again, the same crew who think they run the place, pleading for me to get banned for doing nout wrong, accusing me of being somebody else, without any evidence, EVEN after I have asked for your wonderful moderators to run the it puts it to bed.

But none of you have got that far, and probably won't, because you need me, if this wasn't the case, you wouldn't keep coming back throwing threads upside down. But you do, you do keep coming back, with the same old **** calling all your girlfriends to jump on board.

This thread was meant to call for peace and respek on the board, we don't need it taken down again. Why can't you just put your hate and abuse to one side, and love I love you?

That's all I ask, do onto others as you would have done onto you and just be nice to each other. There is no need for the trouble or the abuse, either way. I'm willing to call a truce, I'm willing to admit, I've done wrong (when I haven't) so we can just come together and be friendly. I don't want this **** anymore, I don't need it children....your forcing me to stay on the forum for even longer.

I was thinking earlier WHY the forum was taken down, and I've got a feeling PK, its got something to do with you. Accusing Ricky Hatton of steroid abuse on his comeback.

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