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Default Re: Anyone on here go to Tyson-Francis?

Originally Posted by Peter__1987 View Post
Just been looking at some old Iron Mike vids on youtube, always gives me a buzz watching him smash people when he was in his ferocious prime, if I was granted one wish to see any sportsperson or athlete live in their prime without doubt it would be Tyson.

Anyone on here go to Tyson-Francis? I will of been 13 or so when they fought so I was too young but I certainly remember the build up too it well.

If you did go, what was it like? what was the atmosphere like? do you feel privileged to say you seen Tyson fight live?
was far from his prime & the kid dynamite stage, but i wont lie i always loved watchin 'iron mike' jus destroyin anyone that Don king carefully placed infront of him, people were desperate for a comeback of a prime tyson but hes heart and dedication wasnt in it, shame really

i'll aways remember the botha fight, they spent the whole round slaggin off mikes head movement, lack of combos & his jab,,, lands one bomb which lays botha out then its 'OH MY GOD TYSON IS BACK!!!' and there talkin about him been the dominant figure again, honestly go back and watch the HBO commetry on it, they go from slating him to sayin hes back to been the dogs bollox in about 5 seconds haha

dont think we'll ever see another tyson, he was the one that got me into boxing, years ago, think i was the only brit hopin for him to put a beatdown on lennox lol
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