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Default Re: DANNY GREEN vs SHANE CAMERON 2012-11-21

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
I rekon most of them thought it was at 200LB. Given he fought Tarver and the POLE at 200lb, even though he got his ass handed to him, most people would assume he wouldnt do this Dannyweight bullsht again. Its not what i would call a "Fair Go" and is very un-australian of him to do so. He is manipulating the sport and using his finances to dangle the carrot infront of opponents who would normally dissagree with these bullsht weight stipulations. CW is 200LB, if he wants some Dannyweight bullsht then go make up another weight division. We have enough divisions as it is , god knows what this knuckle head is thinking trying to make another one, he does this bullsht because it gives him an advantage and makes his opponents weight drained come fight night.

Says he cant make LHW and advertised his last fight as LHW, says he is a CW and can defeat the best CWs in the world but he wont allow all his opponents to come in at the CW limit. The guy is a fraud and will be remember'd as such. Even if he wins this fight his victory will be tainted by his own doing.
Yeah the weight divisions in MMA are much better than boxing. Divisions like 130 lbs should be scrubbed for instance. Just go from 126 up to 135 etc etc.

Danny is yet to win a cruiserweight fight that wasn't a farcical setup/unfair fight for his opponent. The 2 times he had fights on an even keel with fighters at cruiser he got brutally ktfo.
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