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Default Re: Mark de Mori vs Samuel Peter - likely 15th Dec

Originally Posted by RedCornerPromotions View Post
Team MDM

I've ****ing heard it all now.

Mayweather has a team...

Pacquio has a team...

Mundine has a team...

MDM has a few different logins on this forum and regularly tweets about himself...So please do not insult us thinking there is a brains trust behind this monumental fighter MDM.

If there is they really need to find a new career when you look at the stats.

2004 - 8 fights
2005 - 0 fights
2006 - 5 fights
2007 - 1 fight
2008 - 3 fights
2009 - 2 fights
2010 - 0 fights
2011 - 1 fight
2012 - 2 fights

So in the 6 years he has been with King - he has amassed 9 fights.

6 of his fights against guys on debut
11 of those fights against guys weighing less than 100 kgs...TINY in today's Heavyweight World. The Lightest being Digger Wyborn at 87 kgs...Ended how? KO1 loss.

His opponents combined record stands at 251wins - 147 losses - take Calloway out and it looks like this!

180 wins - 134 losses.

Yay Team...
Those are appalling stats. No danger of missing action in MDM's career - you could go into a coma following the excitement.
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