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Default Re: Max Kellerman: Marquez wins 1st bout by 3, 2nd bout by 1, 3rd bout is a draw

I think Kellerman has his scoring wrong personally but its a very subjective issue

I am not a judge, therefore i score rounds exactly how i see them, who is being more aggresive, who is landing the cleaner work, or a mix an match of the 2

Thats how i score fights, i normally lean towards the aggressor in close rounds if theres not much seperating them but not in this case, i felt Marquez was just the superior boxer to Pacquiao over the course of the 3 fights.

My scores for the trilogy were as followed :

Pac - JMM 1 - Pacquiao 114 - 112
Pac - JMM 2 - Marquez 114 -113
Pac - JMM 3 - Marquez 116 -112
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