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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

I am a hugh klitschko Fan but Lennox's resume trumps Wlad's at this point... however If Wlad does beat a few top guys who go to rule the division in future years things could change. Lenox had the chance to fight guys who were considered Great by the time he fought them... Wlad didn't have the same chance. Just guesstimating here but if you pool the oponenets from both resumes then the best 2-3 wins belong to Lennox. Ultimatly it depends how you rate Wlad's opponenets, personally i think byrd would beat holyfield (styles make fights) but holyfield has acocomplished more at heavyweight and is a better name. Tyson is a great name but at the time he fought lennox he probobly wasn't even top 10 heavyweight. Vitaly is a great win for Lennox... outside of those 3 names all other opponenets are similar for both resumes.
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