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Default Re: Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather...

i think they both still need this fight even tho its 3 years to late it would be a big let down if it never happened an i still think this fight would be a good close fight they are the 2 best boxers in the sport so i dont think anyone will get knocked out. pac has underated deffence an a solid chin an floyd has probs the best deffence an a good chin himself. i think it would go to the score cards an it would be close because of pacs work rate (i no it wasnt that good in the bradly fight) an when you press floyd he goes back in straight lines to the ropes but he is good a fighting of the ropes he has great reflexes an punch accuracy but pac has alot or aggresion so it would be what the judges favour in the end. also sorry for the spelling mistakes i typed it up fast cuz am busy watchin tele.
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