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Default Re: We don't need no more trouble or war on the ESB British Boxing Forum.

Proves my point yet again, here again, CANNOT keep away can you!?!

Notice how I didn't come to your thread? But you come to mine?

And you talk about ignoring me.....


You call me a troll!?! Absolutely absurd outrageous statement, especially when you can't keep away honey pie. You and your **** bandito crew are the biggest trolls out on here, trying to troll the "troll"....trying to play the game, trying to drive me out.

Ain't gonna happen, the more you come and follow, the more you will fuel my fire, I shall remain for many years to come.

I'm not a troll, or an alt account, nor have I been here before. So keep believing in your paranoid fantasies. Your living a lie, whereas I'm living the truth. And you can't stand it, you cant keep away, your like flys round ****, only this aint ****, its a beautiful cake.

I'm proven right, time and time again, my predictions are flawless, and my opinion is always bang on the money, I don't pull no punches, I say it how it is.

If you can't handle it, why don't you take your own advice, and ban yourself/leave?

Or better still, shut up, keep yourself to yourself, do what you talk, ignore me, and LIVELY UP YOURSELF!!

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