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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
Look, whether you're a Lennox lover/hater or a Wlad lover/hater, you've got to put your bias aside and recognize some things:

1. the 90's was a better HW era than this current one
2. there were more mainstream "names" in Lewis' era
3. Lewis had more exciting fights than Wlad has so far
4. Wlad has had to split the division with his bother

But on the other hand...

5. Wlad has fought every single willing and available contender out there, while Lewis did avoid some guys
6. Wlad's reign has arguably been longer, more dominant and consistent than Lewis'
7. Wlad has won and defended more title belts than Lewis ever did
8. by the time Wlad retires he'll have 20+ more pro fights (and KO's) than Lewis and 10+ more title defenses

So all in all it comes down to this - these 2 ATG, first ballot hall of fame HWs will always be compared to each other because they have had very similar careers. When it comes to ATG ranking, it depends on what your preference is. Do you prefer Lewis' stronger era, or Wlad's longevity and consistency over a longer time frame?
Wlad has never fought the number 2 in his era.

Lewis has fought and beaten the number 2 in his own and Vlads era
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