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Default Re: Poorest Title Fight Performances

Originally Posted by Tin_Ribs View Post
Pascal both times against Hopkins.

Woods against Tarver was terrible to see. Went to see Clinton in most of his big fights, him being a local lad and everything, and it was bad enough seeing him freeze up against Johnson in their first two fights. Then he had that really good run where battered Hoye, outclassed Gonzalez twice and then finally got the monkey off his back third time around against Johnson. Seemed like he'd turned a corner, so the mates and I all shelled out a bomb to fly over to Tampa for a few days for the Tarver fight. Tarver was a complete ***** in the build up iirc and we were all ganning for Clinton to knock his block the **** off. Then he just completely choked and in no way did himself justice when we all thought he had a decent chance. My mates were livid but I can only remember how sorry I felt for him. Plus none of us pulled and the beer was gash.

Zapata tanked second time around against Chang, and McCrory flopped against Curry something cruel.

Might seem like a harsh choice to some (maybe it is), but I was always put out by the way Barrera gave up the ghost first time around vs Pac. Brilliant performance from the latter, but Barrera packed in mentally pretty early in that fight imo, not that I'd blame him entirely.

Nothing tops Nelson-DeLeon though, Jesus Christ. Witter flunked badly against Judah, Bradley and that's Witter, Woods and Nelson all in one post. Talk about our famous Yorkshire grit.

Witter was ****e against Bradley, did **** all. I was impressed by Bradley that night but Witter wouldve beat him if he'd turned up.
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