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Default Re: ESB ATGs Muay Thai / KickBoxing fighters Thread

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Some epic posts Boran. Love this thread!

Kaensak elusiveness was key in that matchup vs Lamnamoon. Particulary from that 3rd round on kaensak followed a perfect gameplan. Hit first hard with right uppercuts, elbows, knees and left hooks in combination then almost always would immeditly turn his opponent before he could counter. Kaensak always used good movement to his advantage but this is a special performance. The series of punches starting from 5:53(third gif) with that uppercut maybe Lamnamoon doesn’t have the best chin but it certainly can absorb some hard shots. Lamnamoon had his moments too landing a hard counter elbow in the second round and good knees and kicks throughout the fight.

All these Gifs are from the 3rd round a very good round for Kaensak though Lamnamoon tried to be competitive....

Was someone actually shot at the end of the Chamuekpet vid? Damn that some crazy **** I dont want to even think about the incedent with a hand grenade being thrown into the crowd.

What you said about knee specialist being predicable and one dimensional I agree with but two clear exceptions to this are the two fighters in the video you posted Langsuan vs Chamuekpet. both are knee specialist but both carry power in their fist and can slug it out if need be as we have seen before. Chamuekpet in particular was very good at just about everything. Langsuan I need to see more footage of but he was a warrior indeed. One thing I get bored of is clinching with clinch control being the primary concern over damaging the opponent this wasnt the case here. Good fight.

Also if noi means "little" than what is little about Dieselnoi?
Luvin the GIFs .....I needs to make me suma dem!

I agree Lamnamoon was as tough as they come and Kaensak was class, showing elusivness that Saenchai would be inspired by. I know I promised Stormy to dig up some fights but I'll try to do the same for you with Langsuan, I'm sure I've got some someplace, it's just finding the time! I feel my Youtube channel is stalling a bit.....

I agree with you about Langsuan & particularly Chamuekpet who I consider to be more of an all round fighter than a pure knee specialist. When I think knee specialist I think more like Lamnamoon, Sagatdao & Desielnoi, very one track minded fighters, and the predictability I'm thinking of is really once the **** hits the fan in the 4th and it becomes attrition. That's when they tend to slip into there one dimensional attack mode of a relentless come forward terminator and if you can't handle them beware!

I think that point you make about "clinching with clinch control being the primary concern over damaging the opponent" is a very valid one, it's way more prevalent today than it was back then. One of the major differnces between then and now. I think the modern emphasis on scoring knees combined with how much more technical your avarage fighter is now has made it too visable and a "bit" of an excitement killer. This newer scoring emphasis has made guys who are not natural knee guys use the clinch and knees a little more than maybe they would have done in past eras, which to me is a shame, becuase you want fighters to fight in a way that feels as natural as possible, I think this is one of many many reasons most fights were more entertaining back then.

I don't know if anyone was actually shot, but the action seems to continue so I doubt it. Both the stadiums always have one veteran Military policeman on duty as kind of a choice reward position, but no policeman would have ever dreamed of interefering wih Mr. Klao's "business" especially a Military policeman, most of Klao's strong allies were top tier army, hence his control of Lumpinee. There was another situation like this at Sanam Luang in the 80s at a fight night I've seen on VDO @ Sor. Thanikul, unsuprisngly this stuff followed him around. By the way, as I'm sure u already know Sanam Luang is where you have the S-1 and the Kings B-Day fights, Songchai seems to get all the credit of doing it, but I believe it was Mr Klao's re innovation years earlier and could have possible been a very very old tradtiion at Sanam Luang, (which has real significance for the Thais), and possibly brought back to life by Klao who was aiming to be Prime Minister.

About the Noi in Dieselnoi, I don't know but it's prorbaly either there was a famous fighter before him in the past called Diesel and the Noi reference is outta respect or it's just a simple reference to his relentless workrate.....
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