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Default Re: Supplements, pic wars, big men, advice, and Lefty plus alts being destroyed Part

Originally Posted by cutthroat22 View Post
it does seem they just don't like to here certain facts, their egos seem too big to take other peoples opinions on board.

with the GVT I was planning to start at the beggining and just go through all the phases, Possibly a bad idea that could send me backwards like. I'd like to do the push/pull/legs you suggested but I want to get down to four days in the gym a week rather than five, sundays aren't an option for me as my gym closes. I just want a routine for muscle growth really over the next two/three months.
You could always modify the routine I suggested to make it fit 4 days:

Monday - Upper Strength
Tuesday - Lower Strength
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Upper Hypertrophy
Friday - Lower Hypertrophy
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Off

I personally think that will do more for your progression at the stage you're at

Note: You'd obviously have to drop the volume per body part on the hypertrophy days from what I originally suggested though.
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