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Default Re: Supplements, pic wars, big men, advice, and Lefty plus alts being destroyed Part

Originally Posted by cutthroat22 View Post
I live in sheffield so Scotlands a right mission, if i'm ever up your way though id be well up for a session. Billy seems really keen to get a session in with you so i'm sure he'll be back to you, I wouldn't advice going pure gym though, if it's anything like the one round here it's a pain to get on anything in the weight area.

That zach king khan has just opened a gym in sheff I think, guy looks ridiculous! but I think it's invite only.
I am sure Billy will know a good gym, as long as it has free weights and mirrors I am happy.

Yeah Zach is an animal, I bet his gym is decked to the max, you need to find a way to get an invite!

Time for me to hit the gym now... toss up between my 2nd leg day of the week(usually only do one a week), or just brutalise the arms.... see how I feel when I get there.
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