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Default Re: Jose Napoles 'The Mark of Brilliance'

Originally Posted by red cobra View Post
He beats either one of them. i'm not saying "steamrolls" them, but he would have been too much for either great fighters. Napoles was something special.
What about Napoles or his style give you the idea he beats whitaker without question? That is what is mind boggling. I can't name one lightweight fighter 140 fighter that I would favor or whitaker let alone steamroll him. **** I would include welter in that statement to. I don't even see SRR steamrolling whitaker. Beat sure.. but nobody.. and literally mean this.. nobody steamrolled whitaker in his prime. Mind you, he fought great figther and made them look AVERAGE. Yet, i'm suppose to believe THIS great fighter would do what nobody else did AND make it look easy.. Sorry that HAD TO BE A JOKE
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