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Default Re: Pac vs JMM IV who wins?

Originally Posted by mrjotatp4p View Post
JMM will take this fight and it will be easier than any other time. His ring IQ is going to do Manny in. Manny has slowed and now he has to use his brain more and he can't out think JMM. Also everyone knows that Manny can't cut the ring off and JMM will dictate things by giving movement and feints. Mark my words. JMM is going to dominate Manny. Manny has a punchers chance.

Before anyone tries to bash my opinion just remember that I am one of few who said JMM would win the 3rd fight.
I dont remember you. I know I got into alot of debates before the 3rd fight on why JMM would win. I actually made a thread calling exactly how the fight would go down. Let me check and see if I see you on it...
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