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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by thesandman View Post
If Vit's last name was Maskaev, there'd be an uproar that the 2 hadn't fought, and both guys would be titlists.
A bit like Pac v Mayweather really.
I wouldn't say it's like Pacquiao and Mayweather b/c those two are clearly the top 2 fighters of this generation and an argument could be made for either of them being "the man". In regards to the Klitschkos, Wlad is way above Vitali on the ATG list and is clearly the HW of the post Lewis era.

To me it's comparative to the Roy Jones - Dariusz Michalczewski situation. They were the clear #1 and #2 of that time, but I think we all know Jones was the man.

Originally Posted by thesandman View Post
Nah, when one guy walks away from a contracted fight as part of a 4 man heavyweight tournament - the tournament being the ONLY reason you got your title shot in the first place (Ruddock was actually first in line to face Holy) you lose all credibility in regards to dominance. Especially when your next fights are against Dokes and Ferguson.
Agreed. I think Bowe gets very overrated on this forum. Very solid heavyweight, but an under acheiver that rose and fell quickly. Outside of the Holyfield wins, what else did he accomplish?

Originally Posted by thesandman View Post
Good fight. Wlad would be favourite, but Vitali would be a very live underdog.
Agreed. The Klitschko brothers could fight a million times and evey time they would be close, competetive bouts. Vitali is the more natural born fighter and that's honestly what's made him so good. But Wlad is the better athlete, the better boxer and has much more power.

Originally Posted by thesandman View Post
IMO, I still think Lewis fought and beat the better fighters. That's absolutely not Wlads fault. There's very few guys he hasn't fought, it's just really outside of the brothers - Haye isn't too bad but clearly is solely in it for the money - there's really not much.
Yep. And that's why you have to rate Lewis higher at this point. However, I think Wlad can out-rate Lennox when it's all said and done based on the length of his reign, number of defenses, etc. If Wlad carries on like this into his 40's and beats guys like Price, Povetkin, Pulev, Mitchell, Wilder, etc - he could very well end up in the top 5 ATG.
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