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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
Yep. And that's why you have to rate Lewis higher at this point. However, I think Wlad can out-rate Lennox when it's all said and done based on the length of his reign, number of defenses, etc. If Wlad carries on like this into his 40's and beats guys like Price, Povetkin, Pulev, Mitchell, Wilder, etc - he could very well end up in the top 5 ATG.
I agree. The keys for Wlad are:

1. Do not get knocked out by some random bum
2. Ideally stay and retire unbeaten from hereon
3. The guys he beats in the next 2-4 years have to become future HW belt holders

That would solidify Wlad's HW standing tremendously. Obviously, it would all fall apart if some random guy comes along and KTFOs him.
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