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Default Re: Hernan Marquez-Brian Viloria, who you got?

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Igarashi needs to do a lot more than lift a belt off freaking Sonny Boy Jaro (who never really was a worthy champion, just caught Pong on the downslide) to be in the conversation with even the loser of Viloria vs. Marquez, let alone whichever one unifies.

As for Mthalane, since his own title reign began against Pingo three years ago he's piddled around with maybe the weakest set of barely acceptable contenders going. He was also damn lucky to escape intact against Nunez.
Totally agree. Jaro was a poor champ who never deserved his shot. The same will be said for iga in my opinion. I'm sure some will spout out about lineage but the reality is we have the two best fighters in a great fight and I'm glad it's getting the publicity it deserves.
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