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Default Re: AMERICAN Donaire makes Nishioka retire from the sport USA USA USA

Originally Posted by locard View Post
U.S citizens, (yeah, not americans since there are plenty of other countries in that continent in case you havent noticed) leave your forced patriotic bs out of here, we know you love to believe your totalitarian country is superior to all others at everything, including the sbw division, but here you're wrong.

Donaire was born in Philippines to Filipino parents and considers himself a pinoy, get over it

Just wait, these guys are going to call Mares american next, specially if he beats Donaire

Mares was born in mexico from mexican parents and considers himself mexican, but hey, he has lived a lot of time in U.S after all!
We have 19 world title belts. A plethora of world class fighters. 3-4 p4p worthy. Why the **** would we need to claim someone to make us look good. We are the best. Nonito fought on the US olympic team, and has been here since he was a child.

So **** off you glass jawed french ***got before I smash you like Froch did Bute.
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