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Default Re: Ariza Says Manny Back To Speed and Volume Punching

Originally Posted by divac View Post
Sorry Tazo but you're off base here. For whatever plan Pacquiao may walk into the ring with, be it either of the 3 fights they've fought, "Throwing everything out the window and fighting Marquez" is always an option to any plan they may have.

An element of truth my ass! Against Marquez, Pacquiaio has always tried the avenue of relentless aggression, but he gets turned back by that hard right hand counter by Marquez everytime.

Pacquiao will try it again no doubt, but the kamikazee aggression will stop once again once Marquez starts to bounce those right hands flush on Pacquiao's face.
Those counter right hands by Marquez are straight as an arrow missiles that radar Pacquiao's face and noggin.
When you exhert aggression against a skill counterpuncher like Marquez you pay the price, and each of the 3 rights they've fought, Pacquiao's has been forced to slow down and even halt his kamikazee style rushes.

You know better than anyone Tazo, its not Pacquiao who conciously makes a decision to slow down his volume. Those straight rights by Marquez hurt. It is Marquez who dictates to Pacquiao by landing those flush right hands "you better watch yourself boy, cause you're going to get hurt."

Stopping his whirlwind assault on Marquez is not something Pacquiao does by choice, Marquez dictates that he does. If he does'nt, somebody is going to get stopped, and its likely not going to be Juan Manuel Marquez!
Never implied it would work for them, just highlighting the strategy, we both know there's hardly any way out for Manny against someone who matches him so well in Marquez. Age is the only thing they got on JMM though, and if they have no way out, they might as well go for broke.
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