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Default Re: how effective would the lighter heavyweights be today?

Originally Posted by choklab View Post

Being a giant never was an advantage untill the heavyweight division started to be about how big you can get. Thats when it gave the big old has beens a chance.

Heavyweights started to have a different training regime. People talk about skilled athletic giants - its not true. There are exceptions but mostly its a case of a slower pace suiting body builders and old men.

you can make a young man as slow as an older man if you put enough weight on him. It is harder to expose an older fighter now because the youngsters are carrying artficial weight. Experience counts if you control the pace ....and the pace is slow now.

I think If the best classic sized heavyweights trained before 1960s would still be good enough as they were.
It's always beenan advantage which is why we have weight classes.

I'm asking if the lighter champs from yesteryear could put on the weight successfully and compete.
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