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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by Box84 View Post
My belief is that no ranking system can be perfect but at least Boxrec has a system rather then being based on bribes, politics and popularity. A lot of people do complain about Boxrec but when there was a vote on this forum about which rankings where best between Boxrec, WBA, WBC, WBO and the IBF. Boxrec won easily.

As for Joe Gans, Boxrec admits that it's rankings for older fighters aren't perfect. Even if they have all of Gans fights in the database they may not have the complete records of all his opponents, which brings down his ranking. I'm also not entirely convinced about the way they calculate the "all time" rankings of retired fighters.

What I Iike best about Boxrec and other computer based systems ( I believe the IBO is similar ) is that if you don't agree with your ranking, the rules are fair, beat guys above you and move up.

I personally use the site just as a reference and to check fighters records but I do think it's points system is good for checking the stage fighters are at during a certain point in time.

For example we know Lewis beat Tyson. Prime Tyson had 2092 points. The Tyson Lewis beat had 604. Therefore even if we knew nothing about boxing and had never seen either guy, we could seen that Lewis didn't beat a prime Tyson. Of course we know from watching their careers that that is an accurate assessment.

Boxrec is just another tool, not perfect but often more accurate than the biased (human) opinions posted by users on this forum.
A rational post... On my ESB?

But yes, you're right.
It's accurate to a certain degree
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