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Default Re: how effective would the lighter heavyweights be today?

Originally Posted by choklab View Post
I think yes. why not? most of them were bigger but cut weight to be 15 round fighters. Joe Louis was 230lb when he KO'd Nino Valdes in an exhibition but for a real fight he would always call 199lb his best weight.

would they be better heavier? perhaps not but good enough. Is anyone better heavier?

The real question is what would todays fighters weigh and look like if they trained like Joe Louis and rocky marciano? would they be any better? would they compete?
No that's not the real question. I'm interested in whether they could compete in this era in the hw division. To do so they would be bulked up to atleast 215 and I'm just wondering how effective the lighter champs would handle the extra 25 or so pounds.
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