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Default Re: Hernan Marquez-Brian Viloria, who you got?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Those things tend to iron themselves out though, by which I mean the Dawson problem has been taken care of. Froch, Cotto, Wlad and Bradley make his corridor crowded though. This one puts him over the top.
Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
You got me thinking about this now.

If we say Floyd, Many, Ward, Martinez, Donaire and Marquez are all clearly above him...

Then we've got Mares, Froch, Wlad, Bradley, Cotto, and Viloria to pick the other four from. Yeah, I think you could unquestionably pick Viloria as one of the other four to fill out these rankings. Mares, man of the moment should probably be in there, Wlad, extremely dominant should probably be in there, Bradley beat Pac (or whatever) so you have to have him in there. So Froch V Cotto V Viloria for the last spot. Cotto, just lost and is past-prime...easy to leave out. So it's the agony of Froch or Viloria. Froch has been matched even harder but he's lost. But it seems mad harsh leaving Froch out.

Come Sunday morning though the problem could be over.
Yeah, we're on the same page with all of this. It's all gone through my mind thinking about the fairest ranking too.

or whatever
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