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Default Re: Does anybody genuinely think Ricky Hatton can beat Pacquiao or Mayweather now?

Originally Posted by Claypole View Post
No it wasn't, the only way Hatton could even have gone the distance would have been if he could somehow have not taken any clean shots from Manny for the whole 12 rounds. Wasn't ever going to happen.
Ricky is Ricky and always will be Ricky. He doesn't change his style, he doesn't know how to, he only has one gear. Full throttle, chin out, with no regard for safety and defence. Nobody will change that, he is what he is. Ricky is f*cked when up against a smart fighter who has the ability to ****yze during a fight, take a step back, and then switch up. Ricky doesn't have that ability, and gets found wanting when he fights somebody who does. He is so easy to exploit, you just have to plant your feet and time a stiff shot, he walks straight onto it and falls like a sack of ****.

He got exposed twice, people will cling onto the "well he lost to the 2 best p4p"....but it doesn't change the fact that he was exposed for what he is, which is an average fighter with a heart of gold. His fanbase, whilst it may consist 99% of chatsworth estate shameless mongs, its a big fanbase, and big for a reason.....but it won't stop him from getting exposed again.

If he thinks he can beat Pacquiao and Mayweather now, then somebody needs to pull him to one side and tell him how it is, before the warnings were not enough and he gets put in an even worse state mentally and maybe physically, than before.

He's just not that good. Still.
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