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Default Re: lennox's resume is hardly better than wlad's

Originally Posted by mad*****ter View Post
Is there a way to collect all the points 'earned' from all the wins in a fighters career and add them up. Thus you would get some number like e.g. 40 fights, 38 wins, each win avg. 500 points = 19,000 points total.

Can you get that kinda data?
In terms of points earned, it's complicated but you basically earn a set percentage of the total points of your opponent. I'm not really intelligent enough to explain (or really understand) the complexity's of the Boxrec system but a simple example of something similar would be:

Fighter A has 200 points
Fighter B has 100 points

You get 25% of your opponents points for beating them by KO.

Fighter A KO's Fighter B

Fighter A moves up to 225
Fighter B moves down to 75.

The max points Wlad has earned in this respect is 1520. Lewis in his "prime" had 1331.

What you are talking about is simply adding together the points (at the time of victory) of each beaten opponent, then dividing it by total wins or fights. This can be done easily by anyone with time, a calculator and access to Boxrec.

For example, quickly using the data I already posted in this thread:

Wlads top 15 wins total 7896. Divided by 15 = 526.4 points per win.
Lewis's top 15 wins total 8482. Divided by 15 = 565.4 points per win.

If you want to know the number for all on their fights I have already started you off with 15, you can complete the rest if you like.
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