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Default Re: Pac vs JMM IV who wins?

Originally Posted by Villain View Post
Normally I would say Pac makes an adjustment from trying to out counter the master to his more aggressive roots and gets the win. I think the more aggressive he is, the better chance he has for a clear win. Especially at this weight.

However this fight is a true coin toss fight for me now. I can not pick a winner. Too many questions on Pac's speed and work rate these days and JMMs age.
Look at this way. Manny has always had speed so that won't trouble JMM. Timing can handle speed and nobody outside of Mayweather has better timing that JMM. Also JMM is going to give Manny movement and control the range and Manny can't cut off the ring for ****. All this Manny is going to be the old Manny from his camp is just talk. After the fight I can guarantee you that his team will say.

Cramps, Didn't eat,

Went to bed 30 minutes later than JMM,

Jinkee was mad at Manny and slapped him,

feet hurt,

over trained,

Forgot to read his favorite scripture,

upset bc Mayweather offered him 40 million

will all be excuses for his loss.
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