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Default Re: My 50 Greatest boxers of all time

Originally Posted by orriray59 View Post
Really? If Hearns isn't made to beat Mayweather, nobody is. I couldn't possibly imagine a better fighter to beat Floyd than Hearns.

Yeah, he sure seemed to be a more versatile and adept defensive wizard than Benitez when he was being tagged against Ortiz, Cotto, Hatton, Castillo, etc.
Also nice to see him backing to the ropes and falling back in straight lines.

There's this one lad, Wilfredo Benitez? Perhaps you've heard of him, no? He seemed to pretty decent at that defense business.

Oh, great ****ysis. Mayweather would just.... Inconceivably take advantage of Hearns. He'd just do it, wouldn't he? Without thinking how, we know he'd just end up getting the better for no apparent reason. Right.

Ah, Floyd's accurate so he'd win. Yup.

Aye, he went unbeaten for a long t- Waaait a minute there, didn't he lose his third fight? Then his tenth? Then his thirteenth?
And he also refused to fight many other fighters when he took the title. Admittedly he'd already beaten them before, but that's not to say they hadn't drastically improved.

Johnson flat out shouldn't be there.

I haven't heard of Wilfredo Benitez. Wilfred Benitez...maybe lol
I think Leonard is a better fighter to beat Floyd.
Cotto fight - He chose to come forward. Floyd is not a come forward fighter. He was barely being tagged by Ortiz. What about his defensive display against De La Hoya, and all his other great defensive performances? Let's not underrate the skill that has made Mayweather the best in his generation. Besides, during the days of Castillo, Mayweather was a bit more come-forward than he was in say 2010. Yes, Benitez did seem to be pretty decent at defense, I still very much prefer Mayweather as far as defensive fighters go.

Simply put, I think Mayweather would take advantage of Hearn's lack of defense when Hearns is on the attack, with his slick counter punching.

lol, weird logic..'we know he'd just end up getting the better for no apparent reason. Right' - putting words into my mouth as though I stated it was for no reason.

Obviously I think Hearns 'could' use his reach and hard punching to take the sting out of Mayweather and land a win over him. I just don't think it'll happen though.

Mayweather is great off the ropes. See De La Hoya's fight and Sharmba Mitchell's fight.

It is somewhat of an open fight, but I still have Mayweather winning 7 times out of 10.

Selective oriray59 at it again. Fails to mention that his first losses were avenged/doesn't even matter as Johnson went on to be dominant.

I am skeptical of Johnson I admit, I mean imagine someone like David Haye at cruiserweight 200lbs going up against Sergio Martinez - Martinez will get ****d....Johnson was over 200lbs, Philly O'Brien was 160lbs ish - they drew.

'Aye, he went unbeaten for a long t- Waaait a minute there'...You may finish the word my friend, time.
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