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Default TEAM, in boxing. WHY?

in another thread 'team MDM' was laughed at. now im the last bloke to defend that pretender. but i do understand WHY boxers have a team.

it comes down to the most basic element. we are social creatures. boxing is a very lonely sport. even your sparring partners are trying to hit you.

boxers sometimes dont have the financial or promotional skills to best further their career. they also need help by someone to train them, and tweek the mistakes they are making, or give advice during a fight.

being social, boxers end up with mates, but are refered to as 'hangers on'. sometimes, if a boxer is very successful he will share some of hiswealth with his mates. its only natural. but greed often ruins relationships between mates.

so team john, or team leapai, or team MDM is nothing unusual. an amature doesnt need a team. fights are scheduled and the pathways are set. pros havent such pathways unfortunately. while it could be debated that there are pathways to world titles, its pretty much bull****, and even winning fighters wont get a shot, that a bum will get.

so pro fighters do need a team. be it socially, or to further their career.
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