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Default Re: 2012:Wlad's lost year

Originally Posted by Faerun View Post
Their demands go way, WAY beyond anything in the business. Why the hell are you defending a blatant slave contract? Your devotion to K2 surely can't delude you that bad, can it? I want you to listen up: Even if you beat Wlad, in which case YOU were the undisputed champ, K2 Promotions would stage the next two mandatory fights against either Klit with you on the financially short end. So if you want to be the champ, you have to beat the Klits three consecutive times and fight by their rules, their location and their visionnof how the money is split.
I would say that every single fighter that Wlad fought in the last 3 years received a career high pay day. By very definition a career high pay date can not be a slave contract.

Also if a challenger wants to put himself in a strong position to get a better contract, why don't they actually fight other contenders and build up a name for himself so they are a bigger name? No one apart from Pulev is doing it. If you fight overmatched opponents and then whinge about getting a **** contract for a title shot - you only have yourself to blame.

The fact is - pretty much any heavyweight challenger at the moment can be dismissed as a waste of time fight for Wlad - I think Pulev will be an exception soon.
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