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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko now holds the record for the longest reign in heavyweight boxi

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Fair enough Stonehands, you are excused.

Since you have relationships in boxing, you should ask those who have sparred with Wlad in the gym. Youíll hear plenty of accolades on his speed, power and skill. And his stamina, and mobility. None of these things have to do with his size. As they say in boxing, the fighters know.

You could say a dominating champion who meets the best in their prime, and beats them all in a talent rich era is extremely rare. While this isnít a talent rich era, Wlad will meet anyone, and dispatches the majority of them without any close calls on the score cards.
I recognize that Wlad presents difficult obstacles -men that size usually do if they have command of the fundamentals. I have sparred myself with giants and it isn't easy; but they are in fact slower than smaller men, and they are not technicians (with a few exceptions). They rely on a few simple principles that are tough to overcome -and a lot tougher if you fight them at the wrong range and in the wrong way like so many of his opponents tend to do.

Wlad will not meet anyone. He gets a pass for it and it's a pass I understand, but to call him the world champion anyway only emphasizes the disarray that boxing is in. The sport doesn't even have rules of succession that it stands by.

Wlad is the premiere heavyweight of his era. In some ways, that is a greater complement than calling him a world champion.
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