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Default Re: Roger:''If No Pacquiao Fight,Floyd would go down as a Scared Champion''

Originally Posted by Pimp C View Post
I guess his health didn't matter against Chico, JLC 2x Gatti, Hatton, Oscar, Zab or Cotto? People like you kill me. PBF isn't scared of a guy who he holds a stylistic advantage over not to mention being the betting favorite over in the fight if you mother****ers actually knew anything you would realize that both are at fault here as to why this fight hasn't happened but all you do is blame PBF. You mother****ers sound like a broken record. There's fault that lies on both sides not just one.
Both sides have their share of fault, that's true. But the one putting the major roadblocks, talking more bull**** then hiding and losing the urge it's been Floyd. I think Floyd would beat Pac comfortably too, specially at this stage when Pac is on the decline. But that doesn't change the fact even knowing Pac could be hanging the gloves soon, Floyd still shows no interest at making the easy, huge money fight. Now he's gone into self preservation mode again, claiming he lost 15 lbs of muscle and that boxing ain't his focus anymore but his failed promo company is. He can talk **** now that Pac is training for JMM, but when Manny was free he was nowhere to be seen. I wont even go there, everybody knows who's the biggest chicken and creator of roadblocks of the two

In the eyes of the public Mayweather will go down as an ATG who was scared of midgets, the greatest treat to his legacy is himself
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