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Default Re: Legitimately tough boxers today?

Originally Posted by MrSpeaker89 View Post
I know the ordinary person might think all boxers, because of the nature of the sport are "tough" or "hard" men.

However, maybe I'm wrong but the likes of Malignaggi, Tim Bradley, Amir Khan, David Haye and even Tyson Fury don't strike me as guys who are legitimately tough. Now that's not a bad thing, many people aren't by nature.

Contrast that to the likes of Vitali Klitschko, Rigondeaux, JMM, even Pacquiao deep down and Carl Froch to an extent strike me as guys who know they are tough.

Thoughts on this and who you think is and isn't tough?

ps - any one of them would kick my ass anyway
Even relatively speaking, Tim Bradley is incredibly tough. When has he ever backed down in a fight? Dude trains like a beast and fights like a beast. Would not exactly call Malignaggi or Fury mentally or physically weak either.

Sergio Martinez is an underrated fighter as regards toughness. Just because he looks like a male model doesn't mean he doesn't have an iron will. Kessler as well.

Tough: usual suspects like Margarito, Froch, Adamek, JMM, etc.

Not tough: Zab Judah. One of the more mentally weak name boxers of the current era. Just can't hack it at the top level. Clottey, whilst tough physically, cannot handle pressure without screwing up. Ortiz might be the same way.
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