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Default Re: Does Britain p4p have the best group of fighters in Europe?

Originally Posted by Angol View Post
to be fair, if britain can be counted as one country (when, it is indeed 4), then i cant argue with the likes of golovkin (who, at the date of his birth, was born into the ussr) being considered 'russian' (lets not get into a debate comparing empires/commonwealths etc, for arguments sake the ussr was predominantly run by russians).

because, to say that ENGLAND has produced the best fighters in europe, would be a tad misleading. Britain, not England.

past and present names, of note, include

Joe C, Enzo, Cleverly, Rees - Wales

Burns, Watt - Scotland

McGuigan, Frampton - NI
McGuigan is from the Republic of Ireland.
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