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Default Re: how effective would the lighter heavyweights be today?

Originally Posted by Ovid***ile View Post
Haye versus Chisora is a bad example. Haye isn't just a far better fighter, he's also the bigger man. Haye is 6'3" with 78 inch reach and Chisora is 6'1.5" with a 74 inch reach. Big difference between fighting a Chisora who weighs 245 pounds and a 6'6" Klitschko who is naturally 245 pounds.
Chisora had just come off a win against Helenius and having given Vitali one of his toughest fights in years. He was considered, if not the most skilled fighter around, certainly one of the toughest. I'd say he's a pretty good example to prove my point, which is that Chisora represented the squat muscled up "true heavy" of the division, whilst a fighter like Haye was still considered a Cruiserweight with all the baggage that term carries. Haye ended up destroying him with ease, a feat which neither Helenius nor Vitali were able to achieve. His 210lbs were certainly sufficient enough to get the job done. Whether he was the bigger man or not (and I'd wager that Paul Williams had much the same dimensions, and perhaps a longer reach) he was outweighed by over thirty pounds by a man who'd withstood the best the superheavyweight power punchers of the division could throw at him.

Originally Posted by Ovid***ile View Post
As for Adamek, you attribute his lack of power to his extra weight and not to the fact that he's fighting opponents thirty or forty pounds heavier? It's true that when he was a Cruiser he got 70 percent KOs and now that he's a heavy he gets 70 percent decisions, but that's just what happens when you step up in competition. Adamek is 6' 1.5" with a 75" reach. He's as big as Chisora, and he's got a frame that can handle a few extra pounds. Chisora should think about slimming down to Adamek's weight and getting some speed back. Marco Huck is the same size and I wouldn't say he's as successful as either man. He's had one fight against a heavy and he lost. It's too early to hold him up as an example.
Adamek to my eyes is a slower and sloppier fighter today than he was at Cruiserweight. That might be partly to do with age, partly to do with ring wear or partly to do with a change of style to compete with larger and more powerful men, but he's definitely not as good a fighter as he was. This was most evident against Aguileira, I think, a very average, not especially tough and relatively small heavyweight whom Adamek failed to knock out. He was also clearly less adept at putting his punches together when he caught Walker against the ropes, slapping with his shots on gloves, top of head etc. Compare that to the Banks fight where he caught Banks in a very similar situation but executed a brutal and swift finish.

I understand that he's not going to get knockouts against the Arreolas and the Grants and even the McBrides of the division, but the extent to which his power has suffered cannot be explained away by size alone. He was a killer puncher at Cruiserweight, and like I said above, that's not as massive a gulf as people think.
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