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Default Does Broner have a tougher climb ahead in opposition than Mayweather

Throughout Mayweather's career he has been an overwhelming favourite heading into the fights, maybe with the exception of the Corrales fight.

While the road looks tougher for Broner there are alot of fights ahead of him that will be seen as 50-50, possibly against Gamboa, Marquez, Rios, Garcia

My point is, it will be difficult for Broner to become a PPV megastar with a padded record he will really need to prove himself in challenging situations.

I'm a fan of Mayweather but his opposition picking has always been smart in the sense he and the public always knew/felt he would win. With Broner it won't be as easy to get away with fighting guys that are tailor made for him especially if he want's to become the next big thing in boxing.
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