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Default Re: New Aussie boxing Documentary-"The Spirit of Boxing"

This is amazing!

A good news story about a great sport and you get negative posts!!!!

The sport struggles for positive publicity and a good modern day story comes along and all of a sudden we hear from the "doomsdayers" with personal vendettas.(look that up in the dictionary!)

You have just told me in the above posts how hard it is to make money in the sport, well thats because people arent paying to watch the sport anymore and as direct result revenue streams are significantly effected. If revenue streams are effected negatively and the punters arent interested then investment and advertising dollars get turned off, which eventually leads to a down turn in the game. Its simple! Have a look at squash, ten pin bowling and basketball in this country.

So up pops a reasonable advertisment for boxing and you want to knock it back down!

I am sorry I posted this!
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