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Default Re: Does anybody genuinely think Ricky Hatton can beat Pacquiao or Mayweather now?

Originally Posted by REEVO View Post
I do feel sorry for Hatton because there was no to ways about it Pac was juiced up i am convinced and now he has come of it where has all his power gone..
its a bit of a step to say he was on roids because he was good, now hes not as good so thats proof hes come off them. i think the reason he doesnt have the ko's recently is part mental (he doesnt seem to have that seek-and-destroy mode) as his heads not in the game and i think since hes become born-again he has mellowed significantly, not a bad thing but maybe not great for his tactics. also i think the margarito fight has taken something out of him, he may have dished out a brutal beating, but he also took a few hts himself, off someone outweighing him by 17lbs on fight night
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