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Default Re: how effective would the lighter heavyweights be today?

Originally Posted by OMGWTF View Post
""To an extent it does. But a completely different style of strength training that that which adds a lot of weight and mass.""

Not true, see I knew id catch you out, literally low reps high weight increases endurance. Do you know how?
You caught me? Really? The argument for low reps/high weights versus high reps/low weight for endurance have bounced back and forth to extremes over the last few decades. I should know because I'm old and have spent too many hours of my life in gyms. But seriously, the experts used to say the opposite of what they say now, and they probably will again.

All I know is that I'm Rocky's height with longer limbs and bigger frame and would never box at 210-220 (In the past I boxed between 160 and 180). That's just me. Maybe he is just some physical freak when he reaches bowling ball proportions. Somehow I doubt it.

Again, I don't have a degree in this stuff, just personal experience from 25 years of going to the gym almost daily, and reading all the articles and trends (they are always changing so don't tell me the latest and greatest is going to be seen as such in 10 years).

The Morrison comparison you made is all wrong from even a physical perspective. Firstly, Morrison was much bigger framed, a wide body with height at 6 foot 2 and respectable limb length at 77" reach. Secondly, he was a major roider. Thirdly, Marciano would never go for the pec implants.

OK, are we off topic enough yet?
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