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Default Re: Does Broner have a tougher climb ahead in opposition than Mayweather

Were he to actually be fighting everyone at these weights, perhaps you could have a case but he didn't and hasn't and may not. Mayweather's resume at 130 makes a mockery out of Broner's. Broner's first fight scheduled at 135 won't be but a very, very poor comparison to May's first there. He doesn't really have to take anyone better than May took or as good as. We'll see what he actually gets. He may never have a Gamboa or a Marquez. An old Marquez it would be, also. Just think, Broner grabbed a title and coasted through 130 by comparison, and had weight problems there. Mayweather reigned supreme for several defences and had to dethrone the actual champion there, in addition to Corrales, Chavez, etc.
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