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Default Re: How do you counter a straight right hand?

You can slip outside of the right towards your left, and come back with a left to the body, or to the head. (Tyson-Spinks)

You can roll it on the shoulder or block it with a high left hand and come back with a straight right of your own. (Mayweather-De La Hoya)

You can duck downwards and come back up with a right uppercut to the head or body. (Toney-Jirov)

You can lean backwards and make them reach to counter over the top with a check-hook (Robinson-Fullmer (?))

You can turn your upperbody leftwards, slipping outside of the right hand, while landing your own straight simultaneously. (Mosley-Vargas)

You can parry it downwards hard and step in with a left hook up top (Marquez-Barrera)

You can roll with it towards the inside while timing a left hook counter over it (Donaire-Montiel)

You can duck down and land a straight right to the body with your left hand high (Morales-Barrera)
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