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Default Re: Ariza Says Manny Back To Speed and Volume Punching

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
They always say this, but there is probably an element of truth to it, since Roach's plan is apparently to "Throw everything out the window and fight this guy."

We'll see how that works out for them, I guess.
Thanks for clarifying Tazo, I took it as if you were implying speed and volume was'nt part of their gameplan the 3rd fight and that you were in agreeance with Ariza that Pacquiao go back to what he used to be.

My position is that Pacquiao has never strayed from speed and volume andn that its been a big part of his gameplans for each of his three fights with Marquez.

Except for the first two rounds of fight one in which Marquez was introduced to the whirlwind maniacal style and tactics of Manny Pacquiao.
He's never really been that much bothered by Pacquiao's style or tactics after that introduction.
Marquez immediately made the adjustments, acclamated himself to Pacquiao's style, and figured out how to diffuse anything in Pacquiao's ****nal in the process.

Ariza is now saying Pacquiao will go Kamikazee on Marquez, but any educated boxing fan with a brain knows that only gives Pacquiao a punchers chance in the fight.

Pacquiao needs to land something huge and then risk everything by going for broke.
By going for broke I mean risk everything. With Marquez hurt, Pacquiao has got to floor the gas pedal and not look back.
If in the process of going for broke Pacquiao's tank empties, Marquez is going to have him in his sights. A spent fighter in Pacquiao ready to get taken apart by a tactical assasin who smells weakness!

Marquez is fully capable of stopping Manny Pacquiao if Pacquiao shoots his load and does'nt get the job done.

The thing here Tazo is that Pacquiao fully knows Marquez can hurt him and the chances of him taking that chance and going for broke knowing full well Arum has the judges in his pocket, is zero.

I cant really blame Pacquiao. If you know full well that anything within sniffing distance of a competitive round goes to you, why the hell would you take a chance and go for broke?

Its a shame, but team Pacquiao fully knows that all they have to do is keep Marquez from dominating a round and the chances are Arum has greased the palms that need greasing.
Thats the bottom line, and its the reason why its unlikely Pacquiao go for broke even in a circumstance where he deep down knows Marquez is staging a clinic!
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