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Default Re: Will Donaire duck Mares' challenge?

Originally Posted by HawkFan16 View Post
You're acting like Mares is some super-slick defensive savant. He's not. His best defense is the Felix Trinidad "If I get hurt or buzzed, attack the testicles" technique. Donaire is taller, has a longer reach, hits much harder, and has better handspeed and timing. If this fight comes off, 1 month ban bet on the matter. Deal?
Super slick no, but he have a better defense than most people think.

Btw Donaire do not fight on the inside. He is a range fighter so good luck to him dealing with Mares.

FYI i see those two an even fight. Donaire have to time Mares and hit him hard coming in. If he can't land enough then he is ****ed. I know Mares will eat Donaire up on the inside.
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