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Default Re: 10 fighters you wanna see come to the UFC from strikeforce

1. Melendez- This could be the best lightweight in the world. A fight with Henderson could be insane.

2. Cormier- Wins over Bigfoot and Barnett make him a solid contender at heavyweight. There's also the fact he is an undersized heavy, and may be able to fight at 205. There are tons of potential match-ups.

3. Rockhold- Anderson's speed may still be too much for Rockhold, but everyone else in the UFC's 185 lb division should be on notice.

4. Barnett- If mma is anything like boxing, the heavyweight division needs to remain interesting. Barnett definitely spices up the scene, but they need to include him fast. Barnett is not getting any younger.

5. Jacare- He is one of the best bjj competitors in the world, and is an exceptional athlete. I don't know if mma is his game, but we will find out if he competes in the UFC.

6. Thompson- Is Thompson that good, or is Melendez that bad? Let's find out.

7. Mousasi- He may get done in by all of the wrestlers in the UFC's 205 division, but he is solid enough to brought over and given the chance.

8. Tim Kennedy- Soid pro that can give anyone fits.
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